Hoes for Twitter, Cuz the Thirst is SOO REAL

Check it.

So I’m on youtube, being nosy and shit, checkin out videos and I come across this one kid. A smooth lookin’ light skinned jawn making all these videos about random ass shit. And he’s cute. Made me laugh… alright I’ll follow him on twitter.

Give it any time of the day and this nigga has like 30 back to back RTs of shit that these twitter hoes be tweetin him. And sometimes this shit is off the wall. (Excuse my french if you need to.) Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not being a hater. In fact I’d totally twerk a lil sumthin sumthin for his young ass. He’s young and talented, I support it. And so I get it, chicks are swoon, especially with that extra-explicit video of his that i literally cannot watch. I can only imagine the kind of snatch is getting thrown at him on a regular basis…. But the tweets that these chicks send him! OMG! THESE DAMN HOES (Examples).

Oh, he is so fine. He’s the perfect man I’d be too lucky to have him.

Dear simple bitch, you don’t know this nigga from a hole in the wall. You’d be lucky to have him? Thats not to say he’s not he’s not a nice guy, but if you think you’re lucky enough to have him and never have met him or anything you’re lucky to even be alive. Because you know you mean it.

SIDENOTE: Then I have those friends of mine who tell me that Im being harsh and that these girls don’t mean it. Soo….  I mean… are they ho’in for attention and twitter?

SIDENOTE: And what about those thirsty ass hoes that saved the niggas picture as their back ground and are steady  “@” him all day? When will this stop?

Sadly this is only one of many examples of how ho’n for twitter works. You can find ho’n in peoples twitter avi, in the twitpics, instagram and just plain ol thirsty ass tweets.Why are we doing this? Why?

You are a woman (or in some cases, a man) telling the world that you are simple as hell tweeting all the corny shit you tweet. Stop it. Just stop.

And I’m not mad, im just sayin….

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